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This service was set up in order to simplify and secure access to web resources by users from the scientific and academic community belonging to institutions participating in the italian IDEM federation.

As from the joining of IDEM, users of our University may access to resources provided by federations members using their everyday used, usual credentials.

Academic and research, public and private institutions may participate in IDEM as digital identity providers (Identity Provider): List.

In addition to Identity Providers, any public or private entity may participate in IDEM as a Service Provider: List.

Who may use this service

All technical, administrative and teaching staff and students ( including PhDs, scholars, people attending master degrees )

User information transferred

See our privacy policy.


Problems or info about this service may be filed to : idem@units.it


Organization reference for the federation: Dott. Giorgio Moncalvo
Technical reference for the federation: Daniele Albrizio
Technical contacts for Identity Provider: Daniele Albrizio – Stefano Catani

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